Thursday, 11 July 2013

Watch Wednesday: Horizon: The Truth About Personality Review

Confession time, I'm definately a geek when it comes to Horizon documentaries. Michael Mosley is especially understated in the hour long BBC2 programme, which was aired last night. The scope of the investigation is far broader than could be condensed into one hour, but it was nonetheless fascinating, giving an insight into the latest research in genetics and neuroscience. The focus was primarily personality and specifically optimist/pessimist cognitive bias, which while it might seem depressing or degrading for some to be told they are naturally negative people, came alongside the news that we can change. Our personalities and characters can change, with the help of brain training and practice. To always see the positive, to adopt a stiff upper lip when approaching even the harshest of situations is at the very difficult if your not that way inclined, but as Mosley shows, is not impossible. Mosley's guide to happiness is revolutionary in parts and insightful in others, and for those suffering with anxiety and stress this programme is a must see. From now on I am adopting meditation!

Horizon: The Truth about Personality, 9pm BBC2, Wednesday 10th July

Carpe Diem xx

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