Friday, 5 July 2013

Simple Living: My 5 Point Manifesto for Life

This is my simple living manifesto to increase happiness and lifelong health; I hope to incorporate all of these points into my lifestyle and use it for the rest of my life:

Live Frugally: Reduce commodity consumption (buy fewer things, use fewer cosmetics products)
Eat Healthily: Reduce consumption of processed foods (fast food, biscuits, sweets, meat), eat slowly and savour taste
Declutter don't Hoard: Remove any extraneous hoarded things from bedroom/house (donate to charity shops, give to friends or family, regift)
Reevaluate Time: Focus on important tasks and don't check the clock constantly if you don't need to
Build Relationships: Focus on loved ones, family and friends and spending time with them 

I have studied Buddhism and other related religious philosophies and have always admired simple living such as the Amish, but now I have to think about what living simply for the rest of my life might mean.

Carpe Diem xx

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