Wednesday, 10 July 2013

(Re)Organisation Series: How I Organise My Fiorelli Clara May Bag

I have badly needed to update my handbag collection (literally, not as in I've got 100 and am missing a purple tote with glitter sparkles) for about a year, so of course instead of buying one bag last week, I bought two. I bought the Clara May bag by Fiorelli (I'll get onto the name in a minute) from the Debenhams website and after waiting excitedly by the front door, it came in four days. 
I'm impressed with the quality and the design is long and flat like a sausage dog, making the bag Tardis-like and deceptively roomy. Confession time: I did slightly fall in love with it when I saw the name; May being my birth month and Clara being the Latinized/Italian version of my name! It also slightly reminds me of Chanel totes. What do you keep in your bag?

Here's what I keep in it permanently, shuffling the contents when needed:
Wet Ones
Fiorelli Purse
Tote/reusable bag, The Body Shop
Plastic wallet, Muji
Clear ziplock bags (actually pretty handy)
A pen
City Lights makeup bag, Boots

Fiorelli Clara May Medium Shoulder Bag, Debenhams

Carpe Diem xx

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