Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Top Inspirational/Motivational Influential Icons

For sticking it out. For being themselves. For believing in themselves. For believing in others. For being the best. For changing the world. For making the world a better place. For striving for the best. Here's to these inspirational people:

J. K. Rowling

Stephen Fry


Steve Jobs

Marie Curie

Carpe diem xx

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Back To School: Stationary Haul/Supplies

Sticky Notes:
I like Post-Its for daily to-do lists, sticking in agendas/academic diaries, or writing down key information for revision.

Fineliner Pens:
I use coloured Staedtler fineliner pens mostly for revision.

Colourful Stickers:
Great for marking tasks when they're completed, revision, or generally brightening up your notes/agenda.

Index Cards:
I love using colourful flash cards to summarise and learn key information during revision. As a dyslexic I find it particularly focuses my mind on what I need to learn for specific exams. I keep them in a plastic folder to keep them clean and neat when I pop them in my school bag.

I find Uni-ball pens the only ones that I use daily for work, mostly because they flow properly and encourage me to write more. Always a bonus!

Carpe diem xx

Monday, 17 September 2012

Packing for University/College: What To Bring

The list can become ridiculously long, and does change with the type of accomodation that you are moving into at university/college, but here are some of the main things that I'm bringing for moving into my new off-campus house. Hope you find it useful :)

Duvet and pillows
2 sets of duvet and pillow covers + sheets
Decorative cushions
Cosy blanket/throw
Waste paper bin
Photo collage
Clothes horse/drying rack

4-plug adapter extension cords

A lot of (cheap) T-towels/dish cloths
Kitchen towels
Food storage boxes
Cooking utensils
Pot and saucepan
Can opener

Body, hand and face towels
Toilet roll

Here's the link to the Bed, Bath and Beyond Beyond Campus packing list that I used:

Carpe Diem xx

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

My Top Favourite (Free) Smart Phone Apps

My recent top favourite free smart phones apps:

Wunderlist - as soon as I got my phone I was searching for list maker apps, being list obsessed! Wunderlist allows you to create and edit as many lists as you want.

Instagram - it's great to share snapshots of your day with friends, family and followers.

Pinterest - I'd heard a lot about Pinterest before I downloaded it and now I realise what the hype was about. Being a visual person I love searching for inspirational pictures to 'pin' and making mood/inspiration 'boards' for fashion, makeup, decor, etc.

Any DO - start a to-do list of tasks that you want to complete by the end of the day, tick them off as you complete them, and continue the next day by adding new tasks alongside those you didn't complete the day before.

Angry Birds Rio - a completely addictive app that turns your phone into a toy, with a series of levels of increasing difficulty.

Carpe Diem xx

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Style Confidential: Pale and Interesting Celebs!

In my opinion tans are too often over-rated and over-faked. These celebs illustrate beautifully how you can pull off the 'pale and interesting' look with different fashion and makeup looks.

Kristen Stewart: red carpet chique

Taylor Swift: stunning ballgown

Lily Cole: natural no-makeup makeup

Karen Gillan: everyday vintage glamour

Christina Hendricks: feminine sophistication

Carpe diem xx