Saturday, 13 July 2013

How To Improve Your Photography: Get The Most From Your Camera

1) Framing - Look at framing your image in different ways by using your surroundings and environment. A well-framed photo is much more aesthetically pleasing!
2) Angles - Take a series of photos of the same thing from different angles. Angles create interest in photography and diagonals can make or break a photo. Build a diagonal into your photo and work on the 'rule of thirds', with the central focus of your image in the bottom right hand corner third.
3) Lighting - Natural light creates the optimum conditions for taking a photo while the light in dark rooms or on sunny days can be either took dark, bright or synthetic. Try taking your camera outside on a sunny spring day for ultimate photography. Try it and you will perfect the Facebook profile pic!
4) Close ups - some of the most innovative and interesting photos are ones which focus on the mundane, small details of life that otherwise go unnoticed. Use a close up setting on your camera to take photos of small patterns, the texture of animal skin, etc.
5) Back ups - to get the most from your camera make sure that you print copies, back up on your computer with Google Dropbox (the Cloud), or save onto a USB drive so that you never lose your best shots. In the age of the digital camera it is all too easy to lose a photo forever.
6) Handbag - keeping a small camera in your bag or handbag is a great way of making sure you're always ready to capture a special moment or inspirational scenery. I have a Sony Cybershot for on the go and a Fujifilm Finepix for 'professional' shots.
7) Intention - Finally and most importantly, before picking up a camera think about what you want to photograph. Not the landmark or person but what you want to convey and why you want to take it (as a memory, for sentimental reasons, etc.).

Carpe Diem xx

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