Monday, 8 July 2013

Vintage Makeup Collections, Compacts and Coming of Age in the 1950s

Collecting vintage compacts and cosmetics can be an exciting and fun way to bring social history and beauty together in one hobby. The history of the cosmetics industry as well as women's social history can be told through the cosmetics and packaging that have been sold to us. 
1950s post-war Britain saw a boom in the production and marketing and cosmetics and specifically handbag-friendly lipsticks and compacts. The glamour of a red lipstick or a flawless powdered complexion doubtless helped Britain and other countries on their feet after the austerity and trauma of war, during which much cosmetics production was given over to war paint. This is the Marks and Spencer mirror and powder compact that my granny was given when she turned 21 in 1953.

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