Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Title Tuesday: My Current Favourite Beauty and Fashion Books

Whilst I enjoy a good read of a blog post or an online article, I'm pretty old school when it comes to books and I love a good paperback. The same goes for fashion and beauty books, which is why I love to have a few good reference books in my library to flick through for inspiration. These are my current faves, which are yours?

The Little Dictionary of Fashion, A Guide to Dress Sense for Every Woman (Christian Dior):
A 2008 Victoria and Albert Museum re-printing of Christian Dior's original 1954 'dictionary of fashion', this is a great handbag or coffee table book. Fun to flick through, with some useful and some outdated tips and tricks on how to dress well, this book perfect for any fashionista.

Compacts and Cosmetics, Beauty from Victorian Times to the Present Day (Madeleine Marsh):
From fashion to beauty, Madeleine Marsh's 'Compacts and Cosmetics' is a great guide to the history and evolution of beauty, makeup brands and vintage makeup collecting.

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Fashionista, A Century of Style Icons (Simone Werle):
Beautifully combining neat biographies and classic imagery, this book charts the classic fashionistas and starlets of the 20th century. All the great are there, Marilyn Monroe (of course!), Audrey Hepburn, alongside guides to the unique styles of more recent heroines such as Agness Deyn and Gwen Stefani.

Carpe Diem xx