Saturday, 22 June 2013

Alternative Makeup Collection Organisation and Storage Tips

Reuse and recycle vintage tins and containers, or new pots and jars with pretty designs on them, as holders for organising makeup brushes and tools. Aesthetic, practical and free! 
What more could you want?

Keep a collection of travel size makeup and beauty products and tools in a safe place. Build up a collection from freebies or products you just haven't gotten around to trying yet so that you have them ready to go. Use a clear plastic cosmetic bag or zip-lock sandwich bag so that you can put it in you suitcase when you're ready to pack for that special holiday.
As we all know, airlines are sticklers for liquid allowances now. So be prepared and keep clear plastic 100ml bottles and jars ready to decant shampoos, conditioners, shower gel and moisturisers into. I got mine, with the cosmetic bag, from Boots.

Vintage and retro tea cups and saucers can be a great solution to compartmentalizing your makeup and beauty storage on the cheap. Not only saving you the trouble of going out and buying a load of clear plastic containers, but also adding a touch of glamour to your collection.
Have fun and get creative!

Carpe Diem xx

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