Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday Chat: My Random Favourites Summer 2013

Welcome, welcome on this boiling Sunday. Come in and sit down. Let's have a good old catch up.
Music: Bastille have been around for a few years but came across their Bad Blood album after YouTuber Zoella mentioned it in a video. I've been obsessed with it ever since it arrived from Amazon; I guess indie rock'n'roll for me :)

YouTube: I've always been a bit into organisation and planning and when I started regularly watching YouTube I checked out videos from organisation gurus like Alejandra Costello. This led me to watch one of organizedlikejen, Jennifer Ross' videos and I've been obsessed ever since. Her almost obsessive attention to detail and interior and housekeeping ideas are inspirational. I've now started a few much needed projects of my own, including new shelving and handbag organisation.

TV: The White Queen started two weeks ago and I'm hooked (might have something to do with Max Irons, I'm saying nothing ;)). Check out my previous review on the first episode in an earlier blog post. Amongst credit crunch TV this series stands out as one of the best historical dramas I've ever seen.

Food: Oh yes, it is actually summer time and summer lollies and choc ices. I love chocolate bars so Munchies choc ices are definately my food favourite at the moment! 

Carpe Diem xx

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