Saturday, 15 June 2013

Handmade Cards and Crochet: An Alternative Fathers Day Gift Guide

Instead of shelling out a fortune this Father's Day, why not get creative and try a handmade card. You could get the children to try their hand at drawing basic cards. For a more indulgent card why not recycle old materials, such as ribbons or cut-off patterns from old cards or gift wrapping paper. To create a multi-media collage effect, incorporate unwanted or duplicate family photos for a more personal touch.

Craft gifts such as mug cosies made by crochet can be a perfect present for those teapot dads out there. A perfect way of looking after dad and keeping the tea from getting cold! Alternatively, create an ornamental gift that will add years of sentimental value on father's days to come.

Crocheted and knitted gifts can be extended to technology such as cameras and personalised in dads favourite colour. For the tech-savvy or the clumsy, this simultaneously sentimental and practical gift will keep technology safe for years and will be more cost effective than most mass-produced presents.

For the dad with more technology than he can handle, why not personalised crafty cases and covers with patterns or stripes? The possibilities really are endless and can be fun for the crafty son or daughter too. It might be a little too late to crochet a blanket or knit a jumper now though!

Carpe Diem xx

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