Friday, 14 June 2013

Foodie Friday: A Health Kick and the Case of the Misleading Muesli

Muesli is great. High in fibre and low-fat, it can be a healthy constituent of a balanced diet. And that's what I thought when I started a health kick last week and decided to switch my normal cereal or toast for muesli at breakfast. It was going well, or so I thought. However, I soon realised that I had become so used to the puffed out supermarket cereals that I was eating twice the recommended portion! One 45g serving, which looks pathetically measly in comparison, with 125ml of semi-skimmed milk is 211 calories, whilst 100g is 337 calories! So beware, next time you think you're starting the day off well, you might be breakfasting bigger than you think.

My favourite is Essential Waitrose Fruit Muesli - 1kg, £2.63

Carpe Diem xx

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