Monday, 17 June 2013

Makeup Monday: Time Travel in Beauty, George IV and Travel Makeup's 1830 in the south of England and King George IV is on the throne. You're a wealthy lady about to go travelling. You have no makeup bags, cleansing wipes, eyeshadow compacts...
So what do you pack?

Ok, so it isn't 1830, this is 2013 we're talking about here. However, yesterday this amazing rosewood ladies travel box came into my possession and I'm in love with it, and chances are if you were a lady in the 19th century this is the kind of thing you would have taken travelling with you. 

With secret compartments and bottles for your various lotions and potions this box is completely of another era, very Harry Potter! The box not only has bottles and sections for beauty products and tools, but also a section for a sewing kit, a writing compartment, and a jewellery drawer. I'm trying to work it into my makeup storage and organisation because I'm that in love with it.
Some things are worth cherishing forever.

For more on the box check out my family history blog at:

Carpe Diem xx

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