Thursday, 15 August 2013

Watch Wednesday: Lesley Sharp Who Do You Think You Are Review

Yes, I know, another Who Do You Think You Are/Family history review, but I promise I do have a life and some more comprehensive reviews are on their way as well! Last night Lesley Sharp (Scott and Bailey English actress) appeared on her own Who Do You Think You Are, a fascinating episode which primarily investigated her biological father's line (a complete mystery to her before the show). In a change from the rest of the series the episode took Lesley to Canada to investigate her paternal great-great grandparents. Adopted at five weeks old, Lesley only discovered her birth parents names in adulthood.  As is the case with family history programmes, Lesley's story serves as a prime example of family history research as a route into social history. As such, the programme is as much an insight into Victorian poverty, Barnardo's ragged children and adoption and illegitimacy in the 1950s as it is into the actress herself. A great watch.

Carpe Diem xx

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