Saturday, 17 August 2013

How I Organize My Bags: In Bag Organizer Insert Review

Yes, just as you thought my organisation series had finished here comes another one! Hello there! Since my recent 'how I organize my handbag' posts for my small crossbody and medium handbags I bought this organizer insert for handbags. Let me explain, as I've said before I've always liked to think of myself as organised, but like many women my handbag/bags are often a disaster zone. As happens all too often YouTube magic occurred and I discovered bag organizer inserts. In short, organizer insert are pouches that keep everything you need all the time tidy, allowing you to transfer everything from one bag to another in one smooth move. I bought mine from WMA on Amazon. Even better, it was £3! £3 I here you ask. Yes, but it was made in Hong Kong and the shipping took over a week, but overall I am extremely pleased with this nifty gadget and would recommend it to anyone.

Here's what I keep in my organizer pouch at all times (from top left to right):
1) Lip balm: Boots Essentials Strawberry Lip Balm
2) House keys
3) Lipgloss: No. 7 High Shine Lipgloss 'Smile'
4) Antibacterial wipes
5) Soap and Glory feminine products pouch
6) Denman's travel hairbrush/mirror
7) Reusable tote bag
8) A Pen
9) A Notepad
10) My Mobile
11) Emergency medical kit
12) Lipstick: Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick 'Vintage Pink'

Carpe Diem xx

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