Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Petite Style: How to Dress Taller

(America Ferrera, 5'1")

Some people are short, get over it! So if your petite, style yourself in a way that will lengthen your body and make you feel great, rather than trying to change for a taller world. Here are my top tips:
1) Posture - stand tall
2) High heels - wear comfortable high heels, instantly reducing your BMI
3) Monochrome - wear one colour that continues through your outfit, lengthening your body
4) V-necks - V-neck cut dresses, tops and cardigans draw the eye down
5) Small patterns - choose clothes with small patterns rather than big patterns or wide stripes
6) Vertical lines - vertical stripes are lengthening and much more flattering than horizontal stripes
7) Fitted clothes - wear fitted clothes rather than baggy or oversized clothes, instantly bringing you into proportion and accentuating your figure

Best High Street Shops for Petites: Next, Debenhams, Topshop
Best High Street Shops for Wide-fit Shoes: Next, Clarks, Marks and Spencer

Carpe diem xx

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