Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Honey and Tooth Decay: The Hidden Perils of a Model Diet


'Healthy' diets can actually be more harmful to your teeth than you may realises. Here are some of the sweet or acidic 'healthy' alternatives in your diet that may be forming cavities in your teeth:
1) Fruit juice - most fruit juices are very acidic and damaging to tooth enamel. Consider cutting down on it or diluting with water.
2) Citrus fruits - many citrus fruits can be acidic and therefore wear down your teeth. Many fruits - apart  from berries - are also usually high in natural sugars, also bad for teeth.
3) Honey - I thought I had a pretty healthy diet and substituted honey for sugar on my cereal. When I last went to the dentist I was shocked to discover that I needed my first filling. My dentist then explained that it may have been caused by the honey and that many models have the same problem! Natural sweeteners or alternatives to sugar often have the same harmful effect on teeth.

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