Friday, 29 June 2012

Skin Confidential: Top Tips for Your Best Skin Ever


For many Asian and French women skincare is top priority, but particularly in the UK and America makeup seems to have taken precedent. It's time we ditched the piles of foundation and looked after the skin underneath so that there's less to cover up! Do you agree? My top tips are:
1) Water, water, water.... boring, I know. Ditch fizzy drinks, excessive alcohol and coffee (tea is a better alternative), and make sure you are hydrated throughout the day. If you're out and about take a water bottle with you. 
2) Ditch the Sugar..... as well as being bad for your teeth, fizzy drinks with spoonfuls of sugars, cups of tea with added sugar, and sweets contain glucose that are damaging to skin. I'm not saying give it up, just watch out for when your overdosing on the stuff!
3) Wash your Face..... it's something that is a habit for many kids, but cleaning your face twice a day - especially is you're exfoliating and cleansing - will prevent pore blockages and dirt buildup that causes spots and pimples. 
4) Makeup Free..... just like your body sometimes needs a detox from excess sugar, fat, alcohol and other nasties, your skin will benefit from going makeup free for at least one day every week, if you can manage it. Anyone who has tried this incidently will realise that the benefits outweigh the makeup free 'scary' look!
5) Moisturise..... moisturising twice a day, particularly if you have dry or sensitive skin, will create beneficial skin renewal and prevent dryness and early wrinkles. 
6) Sleep in the fresh air..... weird one, I know, but sleeping with the window open is great for your skin. Sleeping in a hermetically sealed bedroom can starve your skin of oxygen, drying it out, and be as bad as a 10-hour flight in an airconditioned airplane.

Carpe diem xx


  1. Great tips! Water is a great one! :)

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  2. Glad you liked them. Great blog :)