Thursday, 28 June 2012

Competition in the YouTube Beauty Community


Skinnier. Richer. Prettier. Cleverer. Are we all constantly locked in some kind of competition? Thousands of years ago primal mating competition was what drove the world, but in the age of hyper capitalism is the YouTube beauty community a platform for popularity and 'who has the most Mac products' competition? Or is it just a great way of sharing and participating in a community with the same passions? Either way, shouldn't we all judge ourselves on our own standards, and not others? 

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Carpe diem xx


  1. i've totally thought this same exact thing, but i've kind of been too chicken-shit to say it out loud. i guess that's why i don't really like watching most beauty youtubers out there. i feel like it's just one big beauty competition. to waste all of that money on makeup? c'mon, there are better things you could be putting your money towards. it's silly what people do for fame.
    cute little blog, by the way!


  2. Nice to hear that people think the same way - thanks for commenting :)
    Nice blog too!