Friday, 13 September 2013

How To Make A Bulb Lasagne and a Gardening Haul

On Monday I tweeted and Instagrammed to let you guys know that had a garden centre haul for you, and here it is! This might seem strange and off topic, but bare with me for a minute or two. My mum has been an avid gardener for most of her life but I have never really done any with her. So, at the age of 21 I decided to take up her offer of making a 'mini-garden' in a pot. With trepidation we set about making gardener and former BBC Gardener's World presenter Sarah Raven's 'Bulb Lasagne'. First things first, this is not edible and does not involve lasagne pasta, but it is in fact fun. The idea is to build up layers of soil and plant bulbs in a tall pot, similar to the layers of pasta in a lasagne, and allow each one to flower at different points in the year.

In order to build up your Bulb Lasagne all you need is soil and a tall/large pot. All you need then is two or three packs of bulbs that will flower at different times (for example February, March, and April/May). When you have layered up your bulbs, the largest and latest flowering planted deepest, cover with soil and some grit on top. As well as using tulips and narcissus you can also plant violas on the top layer. My bulb haul includes Queen of the Night (a tulip), White Dream (also a tulip) and Misty Glen (a narcissus). My aim is to create a unique, dramatic Shakespeare-inspired 'Black Garden', full of deep purples, blacks and contrasting whites.
Have fun!

Read Sarah Raven's guide to layering bulbs here:

Carpe Diem xx

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