Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Back To School: Stationary Haul/Supplies

Sticky Notes:
I like Post-Its for daily to-do lists, sticking in agendas/academic diaries, or writing down key information for revision.

Fineliner Pens:
I use coloured Staedtler fineliner pens mostly for revision.

Colourful Stickers:
Great for marking tasks when they're completed, revision, or generally brightening up your notes/agenda.

Index Cards:
I love using colourful flash cards to summarise and learn key information during revision. As a dyslexic I find it particularly focuses my mind on what I need to learn for specific exams. I keep them in a plastic folder to keep them clean and neat when I pop them in my school bag.

I find Uni-ball pens the only ones that I use daily for work, mostly because they flow properly and encourage me to write more. Always a bonus!

Carpe diem xx

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