Sunday, 16 December 2012

My Winter Favourites

I picked up the January 2013 edition of Company magazine, having loved it's refreshing approach that cuts out the sex and health advice and celeb gossip of more mainstream magazines. Not only did it combine fashion with research for my dissertation on new media and the phenomena of blogs and vlogs, but it didn't disappoint and delivered a series of interesting articles. 

As a moisturiser obsessive with dry skin I'm forever searching for the perfect formula that keeps my skin fresh enough without being overly oily, and this is a new favourite! It's one of those products that you know is making a difference when you look in the mirror and notice a difference in your skin and think "Wow, what have I been using?". Although I have only used it for 5 days, I can say that my skin looks visibly clear and brighter and feels softer. 

I got this scarf 2 years ago on a holiday to Scotland and, being 100% lambswool, it is really cosy! I feel a connection to the Scottish part of my family whenever I wear it, because it is the 'Ancient Hunting Stewart' tartan, the tartan that they have worn for hundreds of years.

My Topshop Petite leather jacket has come into it's own in the winter as a way to add interest to boring winter layers. I wear it over 2 or 3 thin layers, add a scarf, hat and gloves, and it becomes surprisingly warm!

Happy Christmas-time!
Carpe diem xx

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